Battle Ground Lake #2  LbNA # 3797

OwnerDer Mad Stamper      
Placed DateJul 17 2002
LocationBattle Ground, WA
Found By Calli-K
Last Found Aug 29 2010
Hike Distance?

NOTE: THIS BOX HAS BEEN REPLACED! The box was originally planted on July 17, 2002 by Karl. It went missing soon afterward and was considered an orphaned box until Der Mad Stamper carved a new stamp and adopted it in August of 2004.

On August 21, 2010, a new logbook was added and the box was confirmed to be active by Der Mad Stamper. The box is still in its original location, and Karl's original clues have, for the most part, been left intact, with only a few minor modifications for the sake of clarity or to reflect changes along the trail.

Clues: Easy Hike: Easy

After finding the Marshall Lookout letterbox by Der Mad Stamper, return back along the main trail until you get to a four way intersection. Turn left here to continue south along the horse trail which leads counterclockwise around the lake. Enjoy the beautiful woods, avoiding any paths that turn right, away from the lake (unless you need to use a pit toilet).

At the south side of the lake, you will come to a side trail on your left with a sign indicating that it leads to the upper loop trail. Follow this trail over the ridge, but rather than turning left onto the upper loop trail, keep going forward to head down toward the Lake. You will notice soon that a concrete monster has left droppings along this trail! When you see the HUGE cedar tree next to the path on your left, pace downhill the number of the members of the Fellowship (also equal to the number of Ringwraiths). You should find a moss covered rock on your left. Look behind it and carefully remove a single small rock to reveal the hiding place of the letterbox.