Mammoth Boxing Club  LbNA # 37978

OwnerParfum Sacre    
Placed DateFeb 17 2008
LocationMammoth, AZ
Found By Baqash
Last Found Jan 19 2016
Hike Distance?

Boxing? In Mammoth? Down at the north end of Main Street is a ruined building with a story to tell. The sign over the door identifies it, in almost invisible writing faded by the afternoon sun, as the Mammoth Boxing Club. It was a real old fashioned fight club: locals getting together on Saturday nights to box each other and have a few beers. The building was constructed by miners, using materials salvaged from the mines. Look carefully and the building will tell you its story about hard working men blowing off steam with their friends and neighbors on a Saturday night. Note the ring in the NE corner of the building, defined by the wooden posts where the ropes were strung. Listen for the roar of the crowd on a Saturday night, the bell, and the referee counting down from ten.

In honor of the laborers who worked hard and played hard, we plant this letterbox.

Go out the back door by the beer cooler, and around the corner to the north side of the wall. There along the wall.....well, where would you hide a letterbox?

There are two stamps in this box, a one-two punch meant to be stamped together on the same page of your logbook, so if you have two colored stamp pads (black and blue, perhaps), do bring them. This box has room for a HH.

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