Good Morning Starshine  LbNA # 37989 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 19 2008
LocationAustin, TX
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Box is gone. Apparently I need to find more clandestine methods of hiding

There is a road called Switch Willow. At the end of this road lies a horse stable by the same name. Past the two stone guardian lions, park on your right. To your west should be an antique wooden wagon. From wagon NW side, walk at 350° for 21 steps, then 330° for 24 steps. Stained-glass SWS initials look down on you approvingly. Ahead after, about 11 steps, turn left and walk down the dirt path. Just past the third telephone pole on your left, after crossing the little bridge under which a metal pipe grants water safe passage, cross over creek and take a right along the fence line. Count the fence posts, wooden and metal alike. Betwixt 15 & 16 there lies a pile of rocks. The brown box awaits you. Recover without crushing but still hiding it.