Eagle Rock  LbNA # 37994

OwnerThe Pakrat    
Placed DateFeb 19 2008
Location???, NJ
Found By ???
Last Found Jan 20 2014
Hike Distance?

Now listen,
Oh, we’re steppin’ out.
I’m gonna turn you around,
Gonna turn you ‘round once and we’ll do the Eagle Rock.

Whoa, momma,
Oh your rock is swell,
Yeah, you do it so well.
Whoa, you do it so well when we do the Eagle Rock.

Whoa, momma,
Yeah, your rock is fine,
Why don’t you give me a sign?
Just give me a sign and we’ll do the Eagle Rock.
-Ross Wilson (Daddy Cool), “Eagle Rock”

Park before the monument to the fallen twins. Turn your back on it and "gaze" at an interesting wooden structure. Make your way to this building and rest in the shade for a few minutes. From here, proceed to the sunken stone (GCS 7G1 1992) at 16 degrees. Go next to the split stone at 345 degrees. Make your way to the road before you and turn right. Go down the road, passing a stone house on your left, and a triangle island on your right. That large boulder up ahead would be a good place to rest up for the next leg of the journey.

Follow the Indians.

Follow the path past the rounded boulder on your left after the bed of rock in the middle of the trail.

Continue past the streaked boulder on your left.

Keep an eye out for Al and Sue on your left. You may find joy here, but TC wept. After greeting them, climb the rock outcropping behind them.

From the edge (don’t look down!) cast about for a lone dead tree atop a large boulder with a trough at 26 degrees.

Look for a SPOR under the east side of this rock for your prize.

• There are many elevation changes, but they are relatively gentle. Nevertheless, the trail can be slippery after it rains. Be careful.
• Bring your own ink; black is suggested.
• Please rehide well.