Folksong 1960's  LbNA # 38007

OwnerReynold and Helena    
Placed DateFeb 19 2008
LocationColumbus, OH
Found By M&8 X
Last Found Apr 18 2008
Hike Distance?

“Folksong 1960’s”

This is our second set of boxes hidden in public libraries. The cold weather is making us stir-crazy. So this is the outlet we’ve chosen to deal with it! The librarians and staff at the libraries DO NOT KNOW these boxes are hidden. Be VERY DISCREET and sneaky. Each library has little “carols” where you can pretty much stamp privately. Replace carefully.
The boxes are all small and held to a bookshelf by a magnet underneath the bottom shelf of books. It will be directly beneath the book indicated in the clues. You’ll need your own ink and pen.

Unfortunately, these boxes disappear quickly. As far as we know, only the Gahanna box is still in place.

Library Hours:
M-TH: 9-9
F-S: 9-6
S: 1-5

Gahanna Library
Wrote “Times They Are A Changing”, “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” and “Blowin’ in the Wind”
Born Robert Zimmerman in 1941
Plays harmonica, piano and guitar
Went “electric” at Newport in 1965

The boxes previously listed for the Lane Avenue library and the Reynoldsburg library are missing. We will not replace them.

If you have any problems or if the boxes need help, please email us: