Freezing To Death  LbNA # 38023

OwnerPeas and Carrots    
Placed DateFeb 18 2008
LocationSkamania, WA
Found By heyokah man
Last Found Jan 23 2009
Hike Distance?

It was a lovely, sunny, President's Day weekend, and we thought we would take a trip up the Gorge to see if we could find some letterboxes and have a good hike as well. We went to the national park that is right in between the tiny town of Skamania and the even tinier town of North Bonneville - you know, the one with the big rock?

When we got there (after stopping at the General Store in Skamania for some water), we discovered that the wind was blowing in 50mph gusts, and the windchill was down below freezing. Yikes!

Although we weren't exactly dressed for the occasion, we thought we'd make the best of it even though we were shivering and freezing to death.


Take the trail named after the guy on the 10 dollar bill (the trail head is at the campground across the highway from the big rock). Follow the trail through the woods to the land of the metal giants. Don't double back - stay straight on (after a rest on the bench). Turn aside at the falls with the same name as the man who wrote "Tess of the D'Urbevilles." A beautiful view awaits you, and down the stairs is another wonderful view. When you've seen enough, take the low road back along the edge of the stream and look for the foxes den, where you will find what you seek.

Extra: There are other letterboxes on this hike - look through the listings for "North Bonneville" for more!