Elephriend  LbNA # 38026

Placed DateFeb 21 2008
CountyNew Haven
LocationMeriden, CT
Planted ByRubaduc      
Found By mattyfungos
Last Found Apr 19 2017
Hike Distance?


To get to Guiffrida Park, I-91, Exit 20 and proceed West (left off exit from North or left then right from South)
At this point you will be on Country Club Road. You will drive under a quarry conveyor and approx. 1/2 mile after that, just at the top of a short steep incline and at a sharp left bend in the road, Guiffrida Park will be on the right..

After parking your car, locate the blue trail at the metal gate in the upper right corner of the lot, near restrooms.
This is not a trail for young children or people afraid of heights.

You'll be on blue the whole way, at first following the power lines but eventually going into the woods and finally going uphill. In the uphill process watch on the right for the blue/red trail entering from the right. This goes down into Guiffrida Park proper. At this point blue goes left and uphill until you turn right at a cairn and into a short valley. At the far end on a small knoll is the perfect three sister letterboxing tree but Gizz said "NO, over there's a five sister, more is better" so look for a five sister with a rock companion, opposite a double blaze and behind it is Ele (pronounced Ella).

Continue on blue, more uphill (pay attention to the sign on the tree) and get ready for some awesome views. Castle Craig to the left, Bristol's elevator tower straight ahead, Uconn Med, center to the right, Silver Lake below and after the second box, a view of Hartford. What more could you ask for? So, being very careful, walk along the traprock ridge until you come to a large (very large) open area where the blue trail splits. Go either left or right, the trail along here is on ledge and when the trail leaves the ledge going left up a small hill, leave the blue trail behind and stay straight on the ledge until you see a tree with a good size hole at the base. Look here for Phriend (pronounced friend) Be careful, you will be seen from the trail above.

Recover well. Have fun.