Spirits of the Celtic Cross, First Drop!  LbNA # 38032

Placed DateFeb 21 2008
LocationNational Park, NJ
Planted ByCeltic Cross Spirits    
Found By hushpadwitch
Last Found Nov 13 2014
Hike Distance?

1.At the intersection of Route 45 (broad) and the Ave of the Hessians. In the City of Woodbury. Go west!!
2.Wow!! New Jersey has a lot of Heritage
3.The captain’s cat cry’s “WEST”!! He’s always right !!
4.If Bill leans wrong, then I lean right!
5.The national gates lay ahead, if your still going west?
6.At the end, a house will sit. Which way do I go?
7.The brightest star in the sky??
8.Look for the Big Rock? I mean BIG!!!
9.Read the plaque of the rock!!!
10.Colonel Christopher Green Is standing tall, but ignore him and pass him bye
11.North stairs, heading down, but stay on the right.
12.At the bottom there is a dirt trail. STOP!!!
13.Who won the civil war?
14.Who wrote the Gettysburg address? What is the first word?
15.How many letters were in the name that was dedicated , by the rock?
16.How many steps were there?
17.Now add up the numbers in the first word of the Gettysburg address, than add up the letters in the name at the dedicated rock and add up how many steps. That’s the number of pace you need to take!!
18.Yankees or Rebels?
19.Head in the right direction, not the wrong direction!!
20.On the river side of the trail, there’s a stone, by a tree. If the stones not there, its ok!!!
21. Look for an x in the tree. If the x is gone, its ok!!

22. If you counted correctly, you should be exactly, the year JFK became President, 19??.
23.How many paces to the winner of the civil war.
24.Now look to the east for a stump, by a tree, and some brush!!! The tree has an x and an arrow carved in it. The box is in the stump!!! The stump is hollow and you can move it to get the box.