Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page The Good Witch Fire  LbNA # 38033

Placed DateFeb 21 2008
LocationWest Deptford, NJ
Planted ByCeltic Cross Spirits    
Found By HappilyEverAfter
Last Found Jun 4 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 9 2015

The Good Witch Fire

In West Deptford, there’s this place. Where Kevin Costner only dreams. Roll your memories down River Lane. The Eagle on the wall, says it all.

Ahead is a castle made of trees, walking on the bricks, will put you at ease.

Before you can enter, there’s 2 things you need. Look down on the ground and begin to read.

You need a number, set by the pavers. The American Legion does many favors.

Now you may enter…

Walk under the bridge, and stay to the right. Up the tires, will give you the sight.

Off to your left, you can see 4 towers. Once you get there, you’ll have the powers.

One of these towers, will bare the proof. The answer lays upon the roof.

Once inside grab a hold of the wheel. All of this cannot be real.

You need to slow down, to stay alive. The smokey clocked you doing ?? (rhyme)

Look thru the window, out of the tower. The path will lead you, from things that are sour. (important)

Sit on your butt, and go down the slide. The path will lead you from the other side.

With your back against them, look thru the trees. The bricks you walked on, will put you at ease.

Now for the paces…
What is the 1st and 8th number of the installers? (put the 2 numbers together, but don’t add them)

What is the post of the American Legion?

Now, subtract the numbers from the post.

Now add 3 to it. This is your paces!

(Hint) How fast were you going when the smokey clocked you? This number should be the same as what you got.

Now walk the paces, with your back to them. Between the 2 small pines.

You’re looking for a place that rhymes with knit!

Your box is hidden in a place that rhymes with a good “witch fire”!

Happy Hunting!! Let me know when you find it!!