5 Kingdoms Microbox Series: Anamalia  LbNA # 38042

Placed DateFeb 23 2008
LocationAustin, TX
Planted ByRayRay    
Found By screamin meemie
Last Found May 17 2010
Hike Distance?

This is the first box in a series of five representing the five kingdoms of life. It can be found in St. Edwards Park. On most days, there will be some cars parked on the left shoulder of Spicewood Springs Rd. in front a fence and a sign for the park. Park here if you can. If there's no space, park in the lot a little father up on the left and walk back to the first parking spot. From the St. Ed.'s sign, follow the trails as directly as possible to the creek. To your right, upstream, should be a little dam. Straight ahead there should be enough rocks to cross the creek to another sign for the park. From the sign you can go straight up the stairs, right towards the dam, or left. Follow the trail to the left. You will see crossing #5 on your left. Continue following the path up the hill. On your left you will see a chain link gate topped with barbed wire. Squeeze around the gate. To your right will be a telephone pole and to your left will be a wire-wrapped wooden post. The wooden rail that joins the post has a rotted out nook where it joins the post. The microbox is hidden in this nook under a little rock. This is the first letterbox I've planted, so be sure to report your find as I will be holding my breath until then.