5 Kingdoms Microbox Series: Fungi  LbNA # 38043

Placed DateFeb 23 2008
LocationAustin, TX
Planted ByRayRay    
Found By Time Bandit
Last Found Aug 2 2010
Hike Distance?

This is the second box in a series representing the five kingdoms of life. It can be found in the Lower Bull Creek Greenbelt.

The Bull Creek Greenbelt trail passes under 360 twice. The box is hidden on the stretch of the trail west of 360 (between the two points where the trail passes under 360). The easiest way to get to the box is to begin at the trailhead near Canyon Springs Apartments entrance at 7700 N Capital of Texas Hwy. Park near the bathrooms and find the kiosk that marks the trail head. In this park, there seem to be many trails that all roughly follow the creek. Try to stay on the eastern side of the creek (the side closest to 360). If you are on the right path, you will soon see a fence to your left that separates you from the nearby apartment complex. Follow the trail until you run out of fence. To your left should be a door in the the last bit of fence. To your right should be stairs leading down to the creek. (If you're not on the right path, just keep looking east. You can see the stairs and the door even from the wrong side of the creek). From the door in the fence walk 14 paces. To your right will be a large oak tree. At the base of the tree, toward the right, the roots are starting to swallow a rock. The microbox is snuggled in a hollow under this rock hidden by another rock. If you'd like to keep hiking, you'll have to trace your steps back to the stairs as this trail will dead end in a volleyball court.