Salmo Harenatus  LbNA # 38049

OwnerThe Pink Ladies    
Placed DateFeb 22 2008
LocationTucson, AZ
Found By Desert Flower
Last Found Dec 10 2013
Hike Distance?

“Endemic to the dry washes of Southern Arizona, this fish is able to withstand extreme heat and the absence of water. It has become adept at swimming around in the sand, feeding on scorpions, sand lions, and juvenile horned toads. In spring, breeding males become brightly colored, with red on the fins, belly, cheeks and lips. The fine spots on the sand trout’s body help break up its outline, protecting it from predators but making it vulnerable to passing automobiles.” Paul T. Edwards & Chris Tanz.

To find the letterbox, head to the Northeast side of Tucson to Tanque Verde look for the 6500 light pole. From the pole, walk a few steps east along the side walk to the plaque for the Salmo Harenatus and enjoy the sight of the Sand Trouts at play. Walk back the way you just came to the beginning of the railing. Then walk 70 paces along the west side of the wash to the end of the concrete embankment. As you walk along the embankment, be careful of low hanging branches and slippery footings on rainy days. Just past the end of the concrete embankment you will see a Rhus lancea tree (African Sumac). If you look across the wash to the east you will see a topiary elephant at Golf ‘N Stuff. Now look on the north east side of the tree for the usually river rocks and natural debris which carefully disguise the true prize the Sand Trout Letterbox.