Golf Pond  LbNA # 38068

Placed DateFeb 24 2008
LocationDana Point, CA
Planted ByKenamaro    
Found By Kelsung
Last Found Jul 10 2008
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Golf Pond

Bring some bread along to feed the ducks :)
With our 4 and 6 year olds this placement took us a good hour round trip. We stopped to look at birds, waterfalls and to pet dogs we met on our way :)

We found this walk when Opa & Oma moved into an apartment complex on the Monarch Beach Golf Course. We often walk to feed the ducks and it's time to share our fun walk with you!

* From PCH, turn in-land on Niguel Rd.
* Turn left on Camino Del Avion
* Cross Ritz Pointe Dr / Barkentine Blvd.
* .1 miles from Ritz Pointe Dr., there is a bridge, park on the street BEFORE crossing the bridge.
* Take the side walk down, around and under the bridge.
* Continue bike/walkway towards beach for a good 20 minutes.
* Cross first bridge on left.
* Upon leaving bridge, vere left.
* Continue straight until your find the bridge that crosses the Duck Pond.
* At the right base of the bridge on the exit side, there is a rock.

If you want to cheat ;)
We made a 2 minute video of us hiding our letterbox!