Savannah Movie Box #1: Roots  LbNA # 38123 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 1 2008
Locationsavannah, GA
Planted Byonelink    
Found By Weeping Willow
Last Found Mar 16 2008
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Savannah Movie Box #1: Roots

Alex Haley's groundbreaking novel detailing the history of his own family from slavery to emancipation received award-winning treatment in the legendary television miniseries. Louis Gossett Jr, Ben Vereen, and Olivia Cole are just a few standouts in a uniformly excellent cast. LeVar Burton portrays Haley's ancestor, Kunta Kinte, in this heartbreaking and rousing epic. Many of the plantation scenes were filmed in Savannah.

The Roots box is found at Lake Mayer which marks the NW boundary of the Sandfly district of Savannah. Sandfly is a historic African American residential community located in southeast Chatham County on the outskirts of Savannah. The Sandfly community serves as a crossroad linking other improtand historic sites - including Isle of Hope (Wormsloe Plantation), Pinpoint (Justice Clarence Thomas' home), Skidaway Island (Modena Plantation), and Bethesda Home for Boys. Many Sandfly residents trace their ancestry to slaves who migrated from nearby Wormsloe and Modena plantations and established homes as free persons at the end of hte Civil War. Sandfly is home to several African-American churches and cemeteries, including the Union Baptist Church, which organized during Reconstruciton in teh 1800s. A more complete documentation of Sandfly's history can be found in the Prospectus submitted to the Georgia Historical Society, entitled, Sandfly, A Historic African American Community.

You will find the roots box at the heart of Lake Mayer park. Drive over the bridge and park in the first parking area on the right facing the tennis courts and playgrounds. Along the road (yes, the one you just turned off of to park) across from the first pavilion is a tree with several trunks. One of the trunks has a hollow nook about waist high. Tucked in the hollow you will find the Roots box.

This is a risky plant due to the popularity of Lake Mayer. Please log your find and let me know if there are any problems.

Roots is the first box in a series of 10 that highlight movies filmed in the Savannah area. On the inside cover of the first 9 boxes you will find a clue to the location of the final Savannah movie box...Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil!