Savannah Movie Box #4: Return of Swamp Thing  LbNA # 38126

Placed DateMar 2 2008
Locationsavannah, GA
Planted Byonelink    
Found By Me&MyGirls03
Last Found Jun 20 2013
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Savannah Movie Box #4: Return of Swamp Thing

Wes Craven's 1982 adaptation to the acclaimed supernatural DC Comics series Swamp Thing was shot entirely on location in Savannah, GA (with selected scenes right where the box is hidden!) The story is ridiculous and we've all seen it a thousand times or more. Evil genius with strong sense of self-preservation will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Misunderstood hero does everythign in his power to stop the evil genius, knowing he will never be rewarded for doing so. Throw in a damsel in distress, character betrayal, 2 or 3 fight sequences, and a climactic battle where everything blows up, and you have the plot for pretty much every B movie since the 1950s. The film was shot over a mere 24 days. This movie is so bad...that it's good!

Oatland Island Wildlife Center is a great place to seek out Swamp Thing! Resist the urge to rush through this find and enjoy the gorgeous coastal outdoors. Swamp Thing has visited the gators, panthers, and bobcats. He avoids the cranes because they tend to want his foliage for their nests. Swamp Thing feels too exposed on the marsh walk and has never enjoyed farm animals. Look for his slimy signature at Ledbetter Pond...where many scenes from the movie were filmed! Swamp Thing enjoys splish splashing onto the bank and walking up the wooden walkway to view his swamp from above. Look underneath the Americorps Buy a Board for Swamp Thing's relic. Be sure to be as sneaky as Swamp Thing!

This plant is dedicated to my brother who is a huge comic fan and was Swamp Thing one Halloween! Swamp Thing is box #4 in a series of 10 boxes highlighting movies filmed in Savannah. Record the clue written on the lid of this box. The 1st 9 clues will lead you to the 10th box...Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Happy Swamping!