The Flyin' Flea  LbNA # 38128

Placed DateFeb 17 2008
LocationDenver, CO
Found By Tai Chi and Chai Tea
Last Found Mar 17 2008
Hike Distance?

How I would love to spread my
“Wings Over the Rockies”,
If only I had wings;
I’m a flea after all.
But who needs wings when
My home is full of planes.
Of course, they don’t fly
But such is life.
My favorite is the
“RF-84K Thunderflash parasite”.
Because I’m a flea
And it’s a parasite!
We’re like two peas in a pod.
When you get to my home,
Enjoy all my flyin’ friends outside.
Then make your way to the entrance.
As you approach the entrance,
You will see a large square
Garbage can with a metal base
On your right.
You will find my home on the
Northern underside of the can.
Be careful, this was an old Air
Force Base and they can be a
Little suspicious. There is a
Picnic table nearby where
You can sit and visit my log book.
Thanks for visiting me,
A flea's life can be lonely.