Sounds of Joy  LbNA # 38133

Placed DateMar 2 2008
CountyLos Angeles
LocationSan Gabriel, CA
Planted ByLynne and Nat    
Found By California Bear
Last Found Jan 3 2009
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is located at the San Gabriel Mission, founded by Father Junipero Serra in 1771. It is located at 428 South Mission Drive in San Gabriel, California. To find this letterbox, you must pay an entry fee ($5 adults/$3 children/under 6 free) at the gift shop. The map you receive with your entry fee may come in handy. Exit the back of the gift shop to begin.

Start your journey in the courtyard and enjoy the wishful lion. Exit south toward the resting place of our Fathers. Turn right at the carved log cross. Walk down the pathway until you reach #4, turn right until the path ends and then turn left.

Follow the sign toward the rooms where you can rest. At the statue of the man and the child, turn right. Proceed on the path past the entryway and the aqueduct. Turn right toward the exit way and right again at the shells. Head toward the model missions and find #20.

Go to the closest tall tree and find your prize above the small iron fence.

Finish exploring the mission and hunt for the "Three Dead Souls" letterbox close by.