School is cool!  LbNA # 38135

Placed DateMar 3 2008
LocationMaxwell, IA
Found By Team
Last Found Jul 3 2008
Hike Distance?

When my husband and I moved to Story County, I looked for ways to get involved in the community. Substitute teaching at Collins-Maxwell Jr/Sr High School was a great way for me to become more familiar with my new community and be involved with energetic young people.
An interesting note, I was called to sub at C-M back in March, and looking forward to a chance to hide a letterbox, I carved up a stamp. The subbing day came, and the entire area was blanketed with a multi-foot thick layer of snow, eliminating my plans for planting. It turns out, I didn't get the chance to sub there again for the rest of the year, so I went over and hid it today... three months later!

Bring your own ink.
Let of terrain difficulty: easy
Time required after parking: 10 minutes

From Hwy 210 in Maxwell, go east on 3rd St. for two blocks (just past the school) and turn north on Metcalf. Park across from the main entrance to the school in the lot beside the bus barn.

• It's a game day at Collins-Maxwell! Enter the field via the walk-thru near home plate.
• Switch sports and cheer for the home team on a night of pigskin.
• It's down to the wire! Check the scoreboard!
• Touchdown! The home team wins! Find your letterbox beneath their score.