Little Miss Curious  LbNA # 38151 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 2 2008
LocationHanover, OH
Found By doublewing
Last Found Feb 25 2009
Hike Distance?

This box is located in Hanover Community Park, a small park in Hanover, OH. The park is located just outside of town near the intersection of S. Main St. and Marne Rd. It is easy to find from State Route 16. Just turn onto Brownsville Rd./St. Rt. 668 headed north. Then you will turn right onto Marne Rd. almost immediately. Continue on Marne road until it ends. The park will be in front of you.

Once you reach the park, park in the lot then head to the shelter house. From the northwest corner of the shelter walk 28 paces West to the barbecue grill. Take a reading of 300* and continue to a place where you can be a monkey. From here take a reading of 20* from the side closest to the gravel driveway. Up the hill in this direction you should see a mossy cove behind a group of 3 skinny trees. Little Miss Curious is hiding in a microbox under a large rock and behind some smaller rocks. Be careful! This hill can become quite slippery in wet weather. Don't forget to check for snakes and other critters. Please remember to rehide well.