Leo  LbNA # 3819

Placed DateMay 13 2003
LocationJackson, OH
Found By familycircus
Last Found Jun 7 2008
Hike Distance?


***Alive as of 3/31/2006***
***New log as of 10/29/05***
***Stamp is reported broken but usable - will be replaced***

Nestled in the wooded hills of Jackson County, Ohio is a quiet little park administered by the Ohio Historical Society. It protects an exposed slab of sandstone where ancient Native Americans carved what are believed to be sacred symbols. (Interesting that nobody ever thinks these things are just prehistoric graffiti huh?) It’s a lovely, quiet little place that most folks never are aware of or think to go. Hidden somewhere in this wooded retreat is our friend Leo. He’s sort of a familiar face around here and if you follow the clues carefully you can add him to your collection.
Go to the Leo Petroglyph State Memorial that is located about 4 miles off US Route #35 west of Jackson. The turn off US Route #35 is marked with brown and white directional signs and is about 4 – 5 miles from the city of Jackson. Just follow the signs to the quaint little park that has a timber and stone shelter over the carvings. You need to go to the picnic area at the far end of the parking area from the carvings. There, you should find 3 truncated pyramids. Stand by the eastern-most pyramid and take a bearing of 214° and walk 12 paces. (1 pace = 2 steps) You should be standing at the edge of the woods near a small trail that leads down into the woods. Follow the trail about 20 paces. Stop and look to the east. You should see fair sized, badly decayed log lying in a roughly North – South direction about 4 paces off the trail and a couple of paces North of the log see a large tree with an unusual bump at the bottom of the south side of the trunk. You should find Leo hiding on the East side of this tree under a couple of smaller dead branches lying against the trunk. (Note: This is a microbox so please bring a stamp-pad and pencil with you!) Please email us at bigguy9210@yahoo.com and let us know how he’s doing if you find him.