Airport Park Peek A Boo  LbNA # 38193

Placed DateMar 7 2008
CountyAnne Arundel
LocationGlen Burnie, MD
Planted ByTeam Zyla    
Found By Rick_in_Boca
Last Found Dec 2 2012
Hike Distance?

Airport Park Peek A Boo. Relatively Easy Find. This Search can be used to incorporate practice of measurement,units of measure, and estimated distances... enjoy.
From Dixon Observation Area off Dorsey Rd. follow B&A Trail South. Along the aviation field area you will pass mile marker #24. Proceed South toward the trees and wooden fence bordering the trail. Pass through wooden fences lining each side of the trail. At the end of the fence line begin counting paces along the trail. 200 paces (about 100 yards) will bring you to a clear view of the sharp turn of the trail Eastward. You will also find a small, dirt footpath heading West. A wide pine tree off the West side of the trail beyond the footpath is your key. If the highway traffic is passing you on the South side of the trail you have traveled too far. If you have reached the warehouse building from the footpath you have traveled too far.
Measurement and Estimated Distances:
200 paces = about 100 yards = what other types of measure are available in this natural environment?
What is the distance from the fence posts back to the playground?
How long does it take to get (walk/run) from the fence posts to the mile marker? to the playground?
Estimate the height of the pine tree.
How high are the planes flying above?
How long does it take a plane to travel a designated distance? (ex. the highway to the tree line)
There is a map of the trail at the end of your journey (edging the playground) that can also give you some examples of distance, time of travel, and measurement.