Star Buck  LbNA # 382 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateMar 30 2003
LocationNew Waverly, TX
Found By hideandseekers6
Last Found Nov 29 2008
Hike Distance?

Sam Houston National Forest – Stubblefield Lake

Status of Letterbox: Alive and Well on 3/15/2006

Date of Placement: 3/30/03
Difficulty: Easy
Total Distance to letterbox: About ¼ miles (one way)
Placed by Baby Bear

The "Star Buck" letterbox is located at the location in the Sam
Houston National Forest, near Stubblefield Lake camping area, along
the Lone Star Hiking Trail (LSHT). This part of the trail is near
the San Jacinto River. Stubblefield has multiple campsites, a large
lake, and access to the Lone Star Hiking Trail. Along the trail you
will hear many birds, and see dogwoods and palmettos. Enjoy the
solitude of the forest.


>From I-45, take the Hwy 150 exit. Go west on FM 1374 (Hwy 150 goes
east) for about 6 miles. Turn left on Stubblefield Lake Rd. (you
will see signs for "Wildwood Shores" which is in the same
direction). Once you cross the San Jacinto River, the Stubblefield
Lake sign will come up on your right, and you will pull in on the
left. Drive through the camping area, and stop when you come to the
LSHT board and parking on your left (about 100 yards from the
entrance to the park).

To the letterbox:

Start from the trailhead and go South on the LSHT. In about 50 yards
you will come to a post, with a trail to your right. Do not take
it. Continue straight. You will cross a small creek, then a second
small creek. From the second creek go 80 paces along the trail. You
can see a lake to your right through the trees. At the spot of the
80th pace, you should see a dead tree running East/West on your
right, a small opening on your left, and a small dead tree leaning
over the path in front of you about 5 paces. Turn left, and go
toward the lake at a heading of 90 degrees. Your goal is a large
pine tree that is 22 paces from the trail, and has a small dead tree
in front of it. The box is at the base of the pine tree on its West
side, covered with pine needles and sticks.

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