Footprint  LbNA # 38211 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 9 2008
CountyPalm Beach
LocationBoca Raton, FL
Planted BySleuthSisters    
Found By wings of wind
Last Found Apr 18 2008
Hike Distance?

The Footprints letterbox is located in a Palm Beach County park located west of Boca Raton. These clues are point-to-point clues, meaning each clue takes you to a place from which you move to the next place until you find the letterbox. For example, the first clue tells you what park; the second clue tells you what part of the park; the third clue, a specific place in the park; etc. Note you can drive up until the last clue, then you will have to walk.

When you come to the stone that doesn't belong, you will find the letter box under it.

Please let us know if you find it! -- SleuthSisters

1. On Palmetto Park Road way out west, you will find the park where this box rests. The park, a school and shopping center too, all share the same name, and that is your clue.

2. You are not here to play, so turn to the right, leave the skaters behind, and the tots out of sight.

3. When you see me you are hot. I'm a fireman's friend, and I help a lot.

4. Now look and you will see three signs like me. The only difference between them and me, is you see red, and that's the key.

5. Now turn right and drive a short way; stop at us; we are off during the day.

6. I may be the first; I may be the last. If you guess right, your search is fast.

7. From here, left or right 80 feet you must walk, to a wooden pole that helps us all talk. Choose wisely my friend or you may never find the end. You will know the pole that isn't wrong; it's the one with a "stone" that does not belong.