Blarney's Caper  LbNA # 38228

Placed DateMar 10 2008
CountyEl Paso
LocationColorado Springs, CO
Found By karate hiker
Last Found Dec 2 2010
Hike Distance?

Stroller friendly, approximately 1/2 mile roundtrip for each box. Clues update 4/7/09.

“One Hundred Thousand Welcomes”

In honor of St Patrick’s day, the following is provided for your hunting pleasure.

Don yer best Irish brogue and come along with me, wee lads and lassies as we search high and low for that tricky leprechaun, Blarney. He’s made off with me personal belongings, but he’s left us some clues to follow behind. In order to help ye in yer quest, ye may wish to seek an ‘Old Irish Glossary’.

The Luck of the Irish
Blarney has made off with me OR...
Find the street of FINN OR, (senorita y senores) ….
Traveling TUAISCERT or DESCERT until you come to “Noble’s” partner.
Head AIRTHER, but not too far, he’s gone TUAISCERT on IARN CAPALL.
You’ll see a PAIRC on the TUAISRE, pull over and alight from ye motor-car.
Follow the ROEN around until ye Notice 21-9-302. While facing the object that which ye noticed, lift your eyes to find the sedimentary object ahead. From this sedimentary object look toward the BENN for another large sedimentary object ahead. The Luck of the Irish lies around the base nidden by smaller CARRAC.

Continue up over the hill by the fence for a nice place to stamp in, or use the picnic tables ye may have passed along the way.

Thank ye for helping me to retrieve that which was taken, but now we must continue on our quest, for the miserable miscreant has made off with me hat and we have yet only a wee bit of clues.

Top of the Morning:
Head back out to “Nobel’s” partner turning AIRTHER toward the ROT of Strengths. When you get there, head TUAISCERT to Erin’s capital (me hometown). When you get to the road of me hometown, head IARTHAR. I hear tell that Blarney is a raving about losing ‘is DUIS and now he’s after diamonds.

Soon you should be coming within “range, would” you believe the ‘clover of diamonds’ there on ye LÁM BENNACHTAN side?

Red, Green and blue they be …just a’laying in the sun.
Find the Green 300… if you’ve found the right one, with yer back to the 300, ye should be facing due TUAISCERT.
Move forward until you reach the ROEN TATHLUIB…
Head AIRTHER under the earth and arise until you reach dire warnings of Mother Nature. Standing with your back between the signs; at approximately 35 paces @ 305 degrees lies the Luck of the Irish. At 25 paces you will have to divert around to the TUAISRE to the path. Find the TRI-TAMAN DOS with a large boulder and a smaller pink and gray CARRAC at its base…. aw, me hat, t’anks again, top of the mornin’ to ye.

We need to catch that slippery eel, before he makes off wit’ anything else. I hear tell he’s headed for another PAIRC. Jump back on the road of me hometown continuing to head ÍARTHAR. Head DESCERT on a ROT with the same name as the man who wrote:

“Characteristics of literature, illustrated by the genius of distinguished men”

Ay, not’in like a lil humility… and it so rolls off the tongue…enough of me reverie…on to catch that blaggart, Blarney.

…after turning DESCERT on the lane of our humble friend above... you will come to a dead end. Turn TUAISRE and you will see a PAIRC immediately on your CERT, named for Colorado Springs city councilman. He’s a good fellow…

You should be approaching the PAIRC from the same direction as me hometown is from London, England. Follow the wandering leprechaun’s ROEN TATHLUIB to the second “cee”. Do ye see an arrow pointing the way, bearing 55 degrees? Continue to follow the new CÁE and you will soon approach a FORDORUS DE ECNAE. Stand in the BOILCSEN of the FORDORUS. I believe I see the rascal hiding at 65 degrees… base of the DOS.

PLEASE ensure you rehide this box exactly where you found it, thanks!