Mosquito Bandito  LbNA # 38245

OwnerTxns 4 TX    
Placed DateMar 8 2008
LocationBastrop, TX
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Buescher State Park

Difficulty: Easy
Total Distance to box: about 50 yards

Texas has been home to some of the baddest outlaws known to the old west. However, none can compare to the ones lurking in our midst even today. These are some of the baddest outlaws we've ever known.

The Texas Mosquito is by far, one of the biggest, baddest outlaw varmints in these here parts. Thankfully, Mosquito Bandito is here to take out this element. To find "the law" in these parts, follow these here directions:

From Austin, take Hwy 71 to Hwy 153, go left to the park entrance. Obtain a park map, and drive right on Park Road 1E to the Recreation Hall parking.

From Houston, take I 10 west and take Hwy 71 north to Hwy 153. From there, follow the directions above.

To find the law in these parts, locate the silver propane tank. From the tank, follow the clearing 74 steps (you should see the lake around step 20) to the pump tank. From the tank, look toward the lake and notice two vertical trees and a fallen tree pointing south. Careful, there are bands of these outlaws and one specific "Park Pest" lurking around. At the base of the fallen tree, under some old leaves and sticks is this law dog. Please cover well.

Be on the lookout for any marauders as there was a reception at the rec hall when we hid this box.

Happy Trails!

P.S. this is my 7 year old's (Joshua) first carve! Awesome job!