The No. 6  LbNA # 38246

OwnerWeeble Boo and mama    
Placed DateMar 12 2008
LocationMount Pleasant., IA
Found By Playing In Gratitude
Last Found May 31 2010
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Originally built for the Surry,Sussex,and Southampton Railroad of Virginia in 1891, the No. 6 Baldwin engine is MCRR's oldest locomotive. It had several jobs including a lumber train for the Argent Lumber Co. in South Carolina before being purchased by the MCRR in 1960. The No. 6 became the first engine in operation for the MCRR. Operating as the main road engine until 1971, when it was taken out of service and rebuilt. 17 years later in 1988, it returned to service on the main line. The No. 6 Baldwin engine is the pride of the line and a testament to the skilled hands and dedication of the volunteers of the Midwest Central Railroad.
Although this letterbox is hidden in a public park, it will be very difficult to find during the 5 days before Labor Day!!

Start on Main by Lady Liberty
Travel south passing old funerary grounds on your right
Turn east on Langdon
Travel to a "T"
Cross Locust street and enter the park
Follow the road to the left
Passing a grandstand, take the last road north
Past Gas Engine HQ
Park by a gazebo bandstand
Walk back in time to the small town
Note the country store.
Walk south between the store and the Golden Slipper.
Follow a brick path west- don't be late for school!
As you face the main stairs to the school, you'll find the letterbox to the right UNDER the school.