Newport News Park-Discovery Center Trail  LbNA # 38257

OwnerCross kids    
Placed DateMar 13 2008
CountyNewport News city
LocationNewport News, VA
Found By BBStacker
Last Found Dec 12 2009
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Placed by Savannah(5) & Kaleigh(4) Cross

Take I-64 E/W Exit 250B either direction. First intersection, Jefferson Ave/Rte 143 turn left, park entrance is on the right. Discovery Center parking is 1/2 mile on the right. Civil war cannons mark the entrance.

Bring bug spray for warm months. Strollers can make it with little root hassels. Stair of 5 steps midway involved. Umbrella stroller can make it but not recommended. Animals seen: squirrels, deer, ducks, white crane.

Ink is dab style. Gently dab ink on stamps, it takes little pressure to make a mark on paper. Doing this will insure long life of stamps. Thank You.

Start at NATURE TRAIL sign.


Cross foot bridge, take right to Dicovery Center Trail sign. Follow faint path behind sign. Not too far you will see 2 trees grown together, then 3 trees grown together to the left, with your back to fallen tree roots to the right of the trail, look for the big tree with two smaller trees growing from the roots, one on each side. This is where I nest. Please respect, reseal, replace and rehide.


Continue on and you will come to some steps (be careful), at the bottom of the steps take 25 paces following the trail, at 25 you will be facing a wood bridge with you between two trees. One will show you the way. Follow along to a tree archway, through the archway you will see a small tree attatched to a bigger tree, with your back to the small tree, look over the big stump to the cave(stump) I am in. Please respect, reseal, replace and rehide.

LETTER BOX #3: SUN (Box went missing. Replacing soon)

(Keep an eye on kids, trail leads towards road)
Further along you will come to where the path turns left away from the road. Take this "DISCOVERY CENTER TRAIL" to continue your quest.
Up ahead you can do some reading. Here is where you can get a rise from Custer's Balloon.
A little ways more take a rest on the bench and a little to the right admire the pine tree with the crackling bark that makes a big shade. Though 5 steps behind the sun still shines. Please respect, reseal, replace and rehide.

Watch for ticks, carry box to trail to avoid them, then replace.
Along the trail you will come to a log bridge without water, turn left from the center, see the trees 1, 2, 3 in a row, a little to the left is where the water still flows. Please respect, reseal, replace and rehide.

Have fun, the Cross kids.