Fishers of Men  LbNA # 38281

Placed DateMar 15 2008
LocationHouston, TX
Planted ByThe 7 buckaroos    
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Hike Distance?

This letter box is located at the Lakewood Crossings Park on Cypresswood. Go to the trail that is in the back and to the right. Take about 60 steps down the trail and you should see a little stump on your left that looks like a backwards 4. Continue walking straight (about 90 steps) until you reach a sand path. Turn left down the sand path. Go straight down the path until you reach the "tree like a rainbow". Walk 80 steps and stop at the "tree with the warts" in the middle of the road. Keep walking down the road (about 54 steps) until you see the "tin cans in prison". Turn your back to them and start running towards the dirt slope across the path. Run up the slope and make a right down the visible path at the top. Go down the path and make a u-turn. Keep going. Go up the path. You will see a big twisty tree. There is a small log stuck in the roots. Move the log to find The Fishers of Men. Stamp and rehide.