Heart Rock Letterbox  LbNA # 38295 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 15 2008
LocationPacific Grove, CA
Planted ByStorm & Scout    
Found By 3SGirls
Last Found Feb 26 2010
Hike Distance?

Do you know the way to Monterey...actually Pacific Grove

Along the shores of this sleepy town nestled above a cozy beach that is marked with a heart of gold lies the Heart Rock Letterbox.

Coming from the North/Monterey -

Emerging from the tunnel that begins Lighthouse Ave. you'll make your way through New Monterey. In a few short minutes you'll cross over David Ave. and Lighthouse will become Central Ave. Stay your course and don't loose focus. Your next step is an important one. It's not the first right, but your right on First that you should take to the water's edge. Follow the grade to it's end where you will come to a stop. Pause for a moment and take in the 'ocean view'. Veer left when all is clear and let your Ocean View (Blvd) guide you to Lover's Point.

When you reach the intersection of 17th and Ocean View, you must turn right to remain on Ocean View. After you've made your turn and are heading directly towards the water, you have a choice of paths to take to your final destination: you can continue along Ocean View confident in your Lattitudes, skillfully evading the Borg and with the comfort of the ocean's waves by your side. Or, you can make a quick dart to your left at the Palace of Pink and swim along Mermaid Ave. I must tell you that swimming slowly down this one-way street is quite 'peace'ful. It's like stepping back in time... well at least to the 60s... or 20s.

If you have ridden the current which leads you down Mermaid, you will know you are very close to your destination when you give a wave and a smile to Puff the Magic Dragon as you pass Honallie. At the end of Mermaid you will have reached Neptune's Trident... okay it's really just a three-way intersection of Mermaid, Sea Palm and Ocean View. Looking to your right at the water and across Ocean View you will spot a small auto pull-out off of the road.

If you've followed along Ocean View you will pull over to your right into this small auto pull-out. This is the entrance to the beach.

Take the first five steps down from the road to the first landing and directly in front of you should see the Heart of Gold. Now, turn to your left and slightly behind you will see a small wooden 'bridge'. Cross this bridge and follow the stone wall on your right to the end. Nestled in the corner on the ground under a stone is the Heart Rock Letterbox.

After you've securely replaced the letterbox, don't forget to walk all the way down to the beach and explore the nooks and crannies and critters and creatures that call this beach home. Who knows, you may even bump into us, the keepers of the Heart Rock Letterbox, as this is one of our favorite year-round hang outs.

Cheers and good luck discovering.