Angels Among Us!  LbNA # 38298

Placed DateMar 16 2008
LocationCelina, OH
Planted ByDa Resq    
Found By Ziggylu
Last Found Nov 5 2011
Hike Distance?

North Grove Cemetery is on the North edge of Celina, Ohio on the West Side of U.S. Rt. 127.
127 runs through the middle of Celina, a small town, and is Main St.

Turn in the Northern most lane of the cemetery farthest from the house.

Drive back the lane past the Johnston Mausoleum. Follow the path right and then left. Diver straight to the large mausoleum and park. Go to the left of the mausoleum and look for the second large tree on the left. This is where you will find an Angel hiding near the Summers tombstone.

Continue through the half-moon drive by the big mausoleum and stop at the Otis monument on your left. Look in the shrub by the monument that is closest to you. This is where you'll find the Kneeling Angel.

Continue driving down the path to the left, and then right. ( Go left at the Hoelscher tombstone). Turn left at the Emans Tombstone, which will be on your left by a tree.
Continue down the path until you see the Snavely Tombstones on your left. Walk straight
across the lawn to the North edge of the cemetery and and find the Dancing Angel under the tree.

Continue around the curve in the path to the right. Go half way to the next land and stop.
Look to your right and you will a tree near the edge of the path and close to two Tombstones with the name of Scranton. Here is where you will find the Praying Angel.

Continue on until the next lane and turn right. Follow that until a crossroads and turn left.
Stop by the Riley monument on your left, and look at the tree behind it. This is where you'll find Moon Angel. Please place her back carefully to ensure she remains a secret!

ANGEL (REVISED) After you have found Moon Angel, travel out in the cemetery toward the road and a little to your left. About half-way out you will come to tombstones bearing the name "Silk", and will see a large tree very nearby. Here is where you will find Angel.

I hope you have enjoyed this beautiful old cemetery!

Please have your pets spayed or neutered.