Old Stone Fort Letterbox  LbNA # 38304 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 16 2008
LocationManchester, TN
Found By Aja
Last Found May 30 2009
Hike Distance?

This box placed with permission from the park ranger. Be careful on the trails, and have fun. The scenic trail is 1.25 miles around. Stop by the museum for a map and information about the park. The museum hours are 8am-4:30pm. The park closes at dusk.

Scenic Trail Route
When you come to the self guided tour sign, go left. Stay on the dirt path and follow the trail markers. The trail will veer sharp left and then slight right at the open field area. Walk under the tree which longs to be in Pisa and continue on the trail. When the two tree roots merge, stop and enjoy the view then continue on carefully to the cliff diving tree. In this area marker #5 will be.
When you come to the fork that asks above or below, the choice is yours on which way to go. On down the trail continue over the wooden path. Here you'll see marker #8. Continue straight.
Another choice you're given. Stay on the old stone fort trail. Later, if you wish, go down to the falls explore and enjoy the view. Sit and rest on the rocks and remember, you're not through. Venture back to the path. Again above or below? Go below for the most scenic route. Walk downstairs, and then up again later.
Follow the sign at the next fork. Near marker #11, you'll find the ruins of the old paper mill. Explore if you want, and then continue walking, you're not far now. Again, above or below? It doesn't matter, just go.
At the sign that points you to the Blue Hole Falls, take the trail to the right. On down this trail, on your right-hand side you will see a tree that has been defaced by J.S. and J.E. Don't know who they are or why they did it. Here at the base of this tree, hidden behind leaves and rock, you will find the box you sought.

Quick Backward Route
At the self guided path sign, bear to the right. Walk down the wooden stairs toward the river. You will walk in tangles of tree roots on the path. There are many forks that take you to the river. To find this letterbox, stay on the safe trail. On your left, across from an old dead tree and the Blue Hole Falls area, you will see a tree marked with initials from J.S.J.E.(???) At the base of this tree look behind some leaves and rock. Here you will find what you are looking for.