drip, drip, drip  LbNA # 38316 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 16 2008
LocationVallecito, CA
Planted Bytarantulatracker    
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Many drops of water together can erode giant boulders.

Head east on Highway 4 from highway 99. Stay on Highway 4 past Angels Camp to Vallecito. Turn East on Parrots Ferry Road. A few miles past the Moaning Cave Road notice the Natural Bridges Trail Head. Park here. Be ready for a hike, about 1 1/2 miles round trip.

Hike down the trail all the way past trail marker 16 and beyond to the Natural Bridges histoic Marker. Take the steps to the left of the marker down past the picnic tables to Coyote Creek. Look up stream and notice the natural bridge, cave. follow the creek down stream, staying on this side of the creek. In a little while you will notice a group of trees with thier roots in a tangled mass below you feet. At the end of the roots take 6 or 7 strides and look at the bank to the left. There is a little tree growing out of the rocks a few feet up the bank, A smooth white mellon sized rock is at the base of the tree. Move it out of the way and find the drips. Enjoy the Bridges while you are here.