Sanibel Treasure  LbNA # 38317 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 16 2008
LocationFt. Myers, FL
Planted Bycodered    
Found By Upward Trail
Last Found May 20 2008
Hike Distance?

Well, let's see, there really is no direct way to get to Sanibel Island, is there? I mean, unless you are getting there by boat, sooner or later you're gonna end up by that TOLL BOOTH. So bite the bullet and expect to pay their $6.00, which actally is worth it. What a beautiful place!

Turn left at Periwinkle Way and drive slowly (wildlife crossing) towards the Historic Sanibel Lighthouse.

Park by the beach ($2.00 / minimum)

Take off your shoes and walk along the beach. Check out all the amazing intact Sea Shells. Remember, don't take anything that still has something living inside.

Enjoy the breeze and the sandcastles and soft white sand.

Walk towards and around the Historic Lighthouse.

Once around, turn left into Lighthouse Park. You might want to put your sandles or shoes back on now. Walk towards the park tables and turn right, but stay within the park.

The Lighthouse should be behind you and through the park and trees, you should see Ft. Myers.

You will approach two wood signs. One reads:


The other one reads:

Site #18. submarine spotting tower. 1942-1959.

Walk 10 (single step casual) paces North (towards the mainland). On your right will be a large palm tree growing next to a TREE STUMP.

Walk around the tree, on to the grass. Underneath the plam leaves and some grass and rocks you will find your treasure.

Follow the instructions inside. This is not your typical Letterbox. More info can be found at

Don't forget your camera! You'll know why when you find your treasure.

Happy treasure seeking!