Ft. Myers Treasure #1  LbNA # 38319 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 16 2008
LocationFt. Myers, FL
Planted Bycodered    
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Aug 2 2009
Hike Distance?

[Box contains no stamp as found 4Aug09. -Choi]

From Tamiami Trail (US 41), turn west on Gladiolus. After a few seconds you will see LAKES PARK on your right.

Pull in and turn right. Drive slowly. Turn Left into Parking Lot #3.

Pay to Park. $1.00 / hour)

Walk towards the TRAIN VILLAGE.

Take a photo in front of the train, if you want to.

Turn left and cross the bridge. Check out all the wildife. You might see EGRETS, IBIS, HERONS and more.

Kepe walking until you cross a second bridge. This one is cool because the boardwalk and rails are made out of recycled plastic, removing approx. 65,000 one gallon containers from a landfill.

Cross a 3rd bridge and check out more wildlife all around you.

You will see a Gazebo on your right. Turn right at the fork in the road.

Cross a 4th bridge. Remember, NO CRABBING!

Enter the nature trial and walk slow. When you get to another form in the road, keep right.

You might see:

Follow the trail. Cross a small dry bridge with 19 planks.

You will soon approach another dry bridge. DON'T CROSS IT. Take the gravel path that turns right and heads towards the Power Tower. Go through the two Yellow Poles.

Stop. Turn Left.

See the shrubby knoll to your left? Walk towards that. See the THREE ROCKS that have been placed there to keep cars and carts from going on the path?

Look along the side of the Third ROck from the Left, next to the shrubby knoll. That is where you will find your Treasure!

By the way, this is not your typical treausre. This is part of a story quest. Find out more info at www.c-o-d-e-r-e-d.com

Don't forget your camera! You'll know why when you find your treasure.

Happy treasure seeking!

Life is an adventure!