Placed DateMar 18 2008
LocationSandy Springs, GA
Planted Byevanbaseballboy    
Found By Margie Foster
Last Found Apr 16 2009
Hike Distance?

Sandy Spings is located in North Fulton county outside the perimeter.
Directions to the area:

285 to Roswell Rd. or 400 to Sandy Springs


A park in Sandy Springs is where I reside
Itís a fun little park with a nice place to hide

The park is on a corner, high on a hill
Named after a mayor & no itís not Bill!

One street shares my name
Egdirnelg is the other.

I am 1.8 miles from the Perimeter mall
& half a mile from a 285 ramp.

Upon entering the park
You must find a landmark

Follow the main path to the biggest, biggest tree
And from there you should be able to find me as easy as 1, 2, 3

Hereís a hint: There are 2 green benches to the right of the tree & 1 concrete bench to the left there should be.

Follow the trail that leads from this tree
And in 96 steps you can set me free.

Hahaha itís not that easy!!!

The trail splits in 3, but which branch should you take?
Hereís another hint : Itís not the first right you should make.

I rest to your left under the lightest tree
The 25th letter of the alphabet resembles me!

But I'm missing my left arm.

Located at the base of this tree
Under a famous childrenís game ďPUSĒ is where I will be!!!!


Remember to hide me well!!!