Fort Charlotte  LbNA # 38353 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 10 2008
LocationNassau, BHM
Planted ByTeam Ginkgo    
Found By HouseMouse
Last Found Mar 15 2009
Hike Distance?

Find Fort Charlotte at the top of the hill (you will probably want to rent a scooter to get here--it is awfully close to the zoo where you can find another one of our boxes!

Park and start up the sidewalk toward the fort. Take a detour across the grass to take a look at the moat. You will notice on your way that there is a short stone wall in a little U shape right near some scary steps that go down into the ground. In the middle of the U there is a small scraggly bush and rocks. Under one of the rocks you will find the prize!

PLEASE rehide well. We won't be back to do any maintenance! Reseal very well.