Songbird Trail Series  LbNA # 38385

OwnerPaw Paw and Granny    
Placed DateMar 20 2008
LocationStone Mountain, GA
Found By Scout MOM
Last Found Oct 20 2012
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Song Bird Trail Series
Revised Feb 2008 –3 new boxes have been added to the original “Home Sweet Home” trilogy.

Lost away from the hustle bustle of a busy park is a walk filled with natural melodious sounds. On a beautiful Saturday when the rest of the park was crawling with people, we saw only one other person enjoying a late afternoon walk in the woods here. We have been able to negotiate the trail with a jog stroller and our babies liked romping through the leaves and across the bridges. It is about a one hour hike unless you spend too much time sitting and enjoying the surroundings or looking for boxes. At certain times of the year, you may want to have bug spray or wipes available. From the parking area you enter the meadow; take the right path at the entrance.

In the back right corner of the meadow there is a set of cross-tie steps leading to a quiet woods walk. At the top of the steps, turn left by the fence into the woods section of the hike. Just a little way down the path past the observation deck you will see a tree home for feathered friends. Continue until you spy a collection of medium size rocks just on the other side of the fence. To the right, you will see a boulder beside a large slab of granite curbing that is partially covered by vines at certain times of the year. Standing between the rock and the granite look less than 10 steps away on the right. Beneath the old fallen tree is Home Sweet Home.

Further down the trail is a crossroad. On the left, notice a gate with an inviting Red Bird trail marker. If you have already found the original “Home Sweet Home” trilogy make a left here to find “The Hunter”, “The Hunted” and “Feathered Family.” (see direction below). If you are looking for the complete series, continue straight by home sweet home. Stop at the B&B for a rest. Before crossing the Bridge, stand by the rock at the Bench and site 105 degrees. Supper Time is about 19 steps away in a pile of rocks.

There is a second B&B along the way. Sitting in the middle of the bench and sighting through the V in the twin tree, you will spy a rock at the base of a tree. Happiness maybe found here. Continue around the loop.

Now you go through the gate with the inviting R B trail marker that was mentioned above. After you cross the stepping stones, turn left and follow the fence. At the next RB turn left through the fence. Stop at the next RB. On the left about 30 or 40 feet off the path there are 2 tall hardwoods from which The Hunter watches for unsuspecting prey in the meadow. In a hole in the base of the tree with the bird house you will find The Hunter.

Back to the path and down to the meadow - turn right. Just a short way down the path is a shelter. A little further is an evergreen on the right. About 20 steps off the other side of the path is a small oak with a SPOR. There you will find The Hunted.

Continue on the path away from the shelter. At the third bench, sit and enjoy the beautiful view of the mountain. Directly behind the bench is a large pile of rocks. Make your way back to the pile and then look to the right, down a line of rocks. Kneel at small stack of rocks at the end of the line. Look into the pine tree with a good sized granite stone at its foot. The “Feathered Family” is in a box at about eye level hanging in the tree.

!! NOTE !! There is a hook on the back of the box that can be disconnected from the hanger so you can take the box back to the bench to stamp in. To open the box, hold it in both hands with your fingers on the “This is not Trash” label and your thumbs pointed up on the other side. Push up on the lid with your thumbs to snap the top off. Please be sure the lid is snapped back securely before you replace the box on its hanger in the tree. Thanks for taking care of the Feathered Family.

We are aware of at least one more box on this trail on the way back to the parking lot. If you have done your research and you are thinking you may be rewarded with another wonderful find.

Helpful Hint: Most of our boxes in the park can be found in clusters in areas that are marked on the park map.
1. Plantation: Gone with the Wind II (1)
2. Song Bird Trail: Song Bird Series (6)
3. Nature Garden: The Owl and the Hare (2)
4. Walk up trail: Snidely and Friends (3)
5. Carillon: Robert and Carillon II – HHH (3)
6. Top of the Mountain: Top of the Rock Series (3)
Hope this helped you get started at the rock.

Happy Trails to you
Granny and Paw Paw (contact us at or Granny and Paw Paw on AQ))