Mom, Mexico, and Me  LbNA # 3839

OwnerRands Family    
Placed DateSep 9 2002
LocationWest Linn, OR
Found By spaceship passengers
Last Found Jul 10 2011
Hike Distance?

City: West Linn
County: Clackamas County
Seven Letterboxes
Stamp Quality: Is in the eye of the beholder.
You will need a black marker to fill in the coconuts.

Placed: September 9, 2002 by the Canada Goose ***Adopted by Rands Family***

Park in the main lot at the end of the road. Find the wood map and head onto the trail toward the River ViewPoint.

Past twins with bent necks you will hang a right.

From the edge of the rock wall go south 9 paces on a mini path and the letterbox is beneath a nice cluster.

Head back and follow the rock wall as you loop around back onto the cement trail and then onto the main one.

To your left is a bridge and box number two can be found underneath the stairs nearby. Nettle alert. ***Missing***

Lets head back to the main trail and go down the hill some more past the large wood sign. Head straight toward the river. You come upon another bridge to your left. The letterbox is 17 paces from the bridge's edge. It may require a duck to the right and a log exploration.

Once you have nabbed this box feel free to continue on the trail toward the river to peak a view or head back from which you came. Once you have reached the large wood sign take the low road but not too far. Just past the creek will be a forked tree one a stub and the other long and lean. It shares a healthy exposed root system with 2 others and a letterbox.

Now back on the road again and continue along to the very next right possible. Up the hill you loop back around to find déjà vu with the bridge on your left. This time continue past box #2 along the boardwalk and up the stairs to the top.

Once at the top go left. You will come to a fork in the road again but wait before going left what's that on the right? A tree with Chicken Pox and a friend with a letterbox. (Box gone as of 1/03)

So as the clue above said go left at this fork then right heading NW.

You come to a 4 way stop 3 of today and one of yester year. Your treasure is 3 paces on the path less traveled.

After grabbing box 6 turn right around and go SE. From the water tap go 6.5 paces to the right. Then take a reading of approx. 220/225 degrees. In the distance you will find box 7 beneath a real mess of stuff.