Glen Echo Park  LbNA # 38418 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 22 2008
LocationBethesda, MD
Planted By2Camels    
Found By hoyas92
Last Found Jan 17 2015
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is currently not active -- it seems that the box can not be found. We hope to get out to replace it very soon!

Proceed to historic Glen Echo Park in Bethesda, MD.

Enter the parking area and proceed past Clara Barton's house on your right. Park at the far right side of the parking lot (farthest away from the 'entrance trail' to Glen Echo - near the sidewalk). The walk will do you good :)

Proceed on the sidewalk past 5 street lights, or pace 200 steps, to the foot bridge. Cross over the foot bridge to enter the park area. Turn right, and walk past the huge ladybug, dragonfly and butterfly on your left. Pass between the "vanilla frosted cupcakes" and review the trail map on your left to familiarize yourself with this wonderful park area. The trail map is opposite the geometric triangles, painted in green, and set against a red door.

Walk past Denzel's carousel (take a ride if it's open!!) until you reach the bumper car pavilion. Turn 90 degrees and walk 30 steps towards the Spanish Ballroom. Stop. While facing the Spanish Ballroom, again turn 90 degrees, and proceed towards the playground area.

Walk past the playground area towards the old first aid building (the one with 2 red doors). To the right of the first aid building is a gravel path. Walk on the gravel path towards the glass studio.

Just before you get to the glass studio, look to the left. About 15 paces off the gravel path, you will see a large pile of rocks. Set almost equidistant between rocks #64 and #65, you will see a very large, flat white and tan rock. If rocks 64 and 65 are missing, just look for the biggest and flattest rock you can see. Hidden underneath this large rock is the box you seek. Be discreet, this is high traffic area in the summer!

Please place the box back carefully, as the area underneath the rock is large and the box may prove too difficult to locate if not placed back properly.

Good luck!