McCormick Park Series  LbNA # 3842

Placed DateMay 18 2002
LocationSaint Helens, OR
Found By Bookworm (WA)
Last Found Jan 1 2012
Hike Distance?

Location: St. Helens, Columbia County, OR
Dropped: May 18, 2002, by A.Rose and Angel
Path: Gravel. (We saw a woman jogging with a stroller while there).
Est. Distance: Maybe 1 to 1 1/2 mile loop.

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From Portland take Hwy 30 toward the town of St. Helens and Astoria. Travel about 28 miles to St. Helens. Turn right onto Gable Road. (At this intersection there is a McDonalds on the left and Walmart across the railroad tracks on the right). Follow this road until you get to a lighted intersection. You will see the pink FARA building on your right and a big McCormick Park sign on the left corner. Turn left onto 18th Street. Then
turn left into McCormick Park. To reach the parking lot, stay to your left.


The gravel path begins near the restrooms at the parking lot. You will see a sign that describes it as a "Parcourse Fitness Circuit". The path intersects itself many times. Unless the clues tell you differently, just keep to the right when coming to any divisions in the trail.


"Oh, I want to go for a walk today, don't you? This path looks good. I guess we can stop and do exercises too. Is that the FARA building? We really must sit on this long log on my left here and look at that beautiful building for a moment. Wow, isn't it nifty how the log we're sitting on is resting on a stump? Hey! What's that??"


"That was fun! Time to get walking again. Touch Toes? I can do that. Keep going. Well, let's not cross the road. Just turn around and go back. Now that looks like a sharp curve in the path. All this thinking has made me hungry. Let's have a snack! This long log makes a great table. Yum, an orange. I'll just put the peels . . . hmmm, how about along the trail here on my left . . . not at those uprooted stumps I don't think. Behind the base of this big Snowberry bush. Oooo! Look what I found!"


"I know, keep going! Yadda yadda. Fine fine. I don't want to go down that dirt road.
I think we should stay to the left this time. What's that? 'Exercise station #15' . . . Now what kind of exercise do you do with a bench and three posts? How silly. What's that on the other side of the log? We'll have to investigate. Oh. Its just an uprooted tree. But, wait . . . look under there. What the heck is that??"

"Whew! I'm glad that's over! Just keep walking. Just pass that exercise station. No, YOU do a "Hand Walk." I don't want to do no stinkin' hand walk. Sounds like something Michael Jackson would do. Oh wait, that's a moon-walk. Never mind."