GWP Series: Pancho Villa  LbNA # 38423 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 29 2008
LocationBastrop, TX
Found By lionsmane
Last Found Apr 21 2008
Hike Distance?

The GWP Series is a group of boxes that were originally placed on George W Pirtle Scout Reservation, Home Sweet Home Away From Home to many East Texas scouts and scouters! The boxes were planted for the East Texas Area Council Three Rivers District/Caddo District Dad and Lad event held in April 2007. Boys and Dads learned how to treasure hunt like letterboxers!

After the event, the boxes were retrieved and are being placed around Texas. I am leaving the Cub Scout stamps in the backs of the logbooks so that letterboxers can see the cool stamps the boys used - all unique and hand carved by boxers and scouters. I've added pages in the fronts of the logbooks for letterboxer entries.

As a "first to Re-find" prize, I've included a Cub Scout patch from my collection of patches in each box. Some of them are patches I've designed for various events, some are designed by others. Some are BSA official designs, but they are all pretty cool!

To find ol' Pancho Villa hiding out, you'll have to visit the South Shores Park under control of the Lower Colorado River Authority. These are the directions to where he was last seen.

From the trailhead nearest Campsite #1 take the trail until it Y's - take the right "Y" which runs behind the maintenance building with building on your right. Trail winds and turns. You will soon look ahead and see a pine tree that appears to be in the trail. Look right for a forked cedar. The pine tree ahead will have a branch pointing down the trail as it bears right.

Don’t pass the pine tree, but look for a path to the left and take that path. Where it “y’s”, take the left trail and follow it to the water then bare right to a cedar tree on the point.

Turn away from water with your back to the cedar. Look left for large pine. Box is hidden at its base.