Bikepath Railroad Marker C75  LbNA # 38450

OwnerCaptain Kirk    
Placed DateMar 23 2008
LocationAthens, OH
Found By Captain Kirk
Last Found Apr 14 2016
Hike Distance?

Bikepath Railroad 75 Mile Marker

Difficulty: Mostly Easy
Terrain: Drive up, then a moderate walk on flat ground.
Time: Less than 15 minutes after you park.
Distance: Less than 500 yards from car to quest and back again. (1 Pace = 2 steps)
Materials: Take along your stamp pad, stamp and walking shoes.
Challenge: (Although cardinal directions are mentioned below, you really won't need a compass.)

There are many starting points along the 16 miles from Nelsonville to Athens along the bikepath, but as your goal is between the 5 and 5.5 mile markers, follow these directions:

From the Adena Bikepath Bridge, continue north for 200 paces. (1 pace = 2 steps)

In fact, your goal is the concrete railroad bed mile marker placed on the west side of the railroad bed years ago by an Ohio railroad. It signifies that it is 75 miles from the Columbus round house or train yard... that is, in past years.

Nowadays, it simply sits and is occasionally target practice for vandals. In fact, on one side, the markings are almost obliterated by gun shot impacts. They are more visible on the NE face. Read the number on the face of this marker, and divide it by 3.

From this NE face, you will want to take that number of man-sized paces further north, until you are alongside an older mature tree to your left that has grown up on of the side of the raised railroad bed.(Don't be confused by other smaller trees growing from up in the ravine or drainage ditch. The one you want is the only one on the left (West) which can be touched from the same level as the raised bikepath.)

About two feet in front of that tree trunk, is a hole in the ground, (possibly an animal hole). It is covered by short 1 foot sticks and branches. Laying just below the sticks is a letterbox. You will not have to reach to any depth at all to retrieve it.

Open the plastic lid of the letterbox to find the "Super Dad" store stamp and flaming pink log book. The box is large enough to hold another traveler or hitchhiker, if you are lucky.

Please replace the log book, stamp, into all baggies and seal well from the weather... then replace into the hole, and recover well enough that no one walking on the bikepath will be curious to look.

PS: There is another letterbox just a quarter mile further north at the 5.5 mile marker of the bikepath. You probably passed another one just a little south of the Hocking river bridge that you can see to your south.(But you've already read the Adena Bikepath Bridge clue, right?)