Mom, Guess What I Finally Caught  LbNA # 38452

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateMar 22 2008
CountySan Jacinto
LocationColdspring, TX
Found By Stepping By Faith
Last Found Mar 25 2016
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: About 2 miles total.

****** 300th Placed Box **********

Dear Mom,

You will never guess what I finally caught! My whole life I have been chasing it, and finally I got it in my teeth at Double Lake Recreation area near Coldspring, Texas. Here is how it happened…..

My best friend, Baby Bear, took me out to play by the lake on March 22. We drove into the park, staying to the right and parked near the swimming area. He took me down to the pavilion, just to the left of the swimming part of the lake, and tied me up while he went looking for treasures. I have no idea what joy he finds in that, but I love him anyway.

Well, I got bored, and the leash was bothering my attempt to catch my goal, so I chewed myself loose and headed west (left along the bank of the lake on a trail. I continued along, passing some wooden docks in the water. Near a Yaupon bush I stopped for a break, but could not find anything of interest, so I went on. When I reached the end of the lake, a wooden walkway began. Before getting on it, I thought I heard some Geese, and hid behind a tree. I wish I would have brought my Quilt to take a nap here, but instead I just buried some bones in a container I found. I proceeded across the boardwalk, and turned right at the next trail junction, keeping the lake to my right. Soon I came to a wooden pier on the right, and a strange looking tree. While marking my territory on this tree, I found saw another container, so I dropped some bones just in case I came back some day. Back on the trail I went on, passing a poison ivy sign on the left, then 100 yards further a cross trail, then in 50 yards (just before a small bridge) another path which headed to the trailer area. I went left for a short distance, then into the trees. I made an attempt to catch my elusive prey, but failed. Oh well, It Is What It Is, maybe someday I will succeed. Okay, I buried a few bones just to remind me of the failure. Back to the main trail I continue to the left going around the lake. I crossed the spillway, and came to a trail junction and sign. I thought I smelled Whale meat, but who knows where that Quest would take me. I decided to take the trail on the left (LS Trail). Soon, at a bend to the left, I tried again to win my prize, but fell in a puddle of water. I guess you must Know what Swimming Hole you can play in. I dropped some bones behind a tree and went on down the trail. Before I Doubled back to the Lake, I decided to hide some more Buried Treasure (bones). Once done, I returned to the trail junction and the sign. Now I took the middle trail (other LS Trail) and went until a trail post on the left and a clearing. From the clearing, I went ano for 100 steps, to the top of a rise (tree on left with metal marker on it). I went right on a faint raised trail off for 47 steps to a large pine tree on the right. Here I made pinned myself against the front side of this large tree, and finally I was able to grasp what I have been after my whole life!!!

Ruff Ruff,

Come out to Double Lake and follow Rex’s adventure. He will lead you to many interesting areas, and feel free to share a bone he left behind. Also, once you find the tree he had success at, you will know what he finally caught!!!

Baby Bear