Park boxx  LbNA # 38464 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 23 2008
LocationAshford, CT
Planted Byjengashford    
Found By SweetPea.
Last Found Mar 15 2009
Hike Distance?

Off route 44, turn into Ashford Park. At the fork take go to the right and turn into Kent Ct. condos. Once you are in the parking lot you can park your car closest to the park. That is where the letterbox is hidden. Follow the little dirt path over a small rock pathway to an open grassy field. Depending on the weather, it may be mowed or pretty grassy. But either way there is a pathway set to walk to the old run down tennis courts. Follow the pathway to the tennis courts with basketball hoops. The entrance to get into the court is in the middle of the front of the courts. You will see a large green wall with writing on the far left backside of the court. Go through the entrance and follow the path just a few feet and you will see the letterbox within sight, if you look hard enough!