A Gift for Princess Aurora  LbNA # 38465 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 23 2008
CountySan Jacinto
LocationColdspring, TX
Found By Lone Star Quilter
Last Found Mar 31 2008
Hike Distance?

When one finds themselves on land known to be frequented by royalty, one should have a gift at the ready in the event of a chance meeting with said royalty. Isn't that correct? I've always heard that is true!

In anticipation of meeting the lovely Princess Aurora on my next visit to the Coldspring area, I thought it wise to leave a box that I hope pleases her. We have all heard much about the princess since her grandparents, the honorable Boots Tex and Lone Star Quilter began letterboxing and I believe that those who attend the Dog Days gathering on March 30th may find themselves graced by her presence.

What better place for a box for a princess than the captivating Double Lake Recreation Area. My previous visit to this location left me captivated!

To find this box, you would park in the lot nearest the swimming area. From there take the path that leads in front of the canoes and on around the lake. Can you imagine a princess with a royal entourage paddling around the lake in canoes? With water to your left, continue on until the trail T's - the right takes you to the Lone Star Hiking Trail and the left takes you across the dam. Cross the dam. Immediately after crossing the dam, you will see a path - the Lakeshore Trail - to your left, leading you on around the lake. You cross a small footbridge, not wide enough for a royal carriage, and the trail will turn sharply left. At that point you will come to a trail junction. (And if you are attentive, you will realize you are at a juncture to find another box). Continue on past the trail junction about 120 steps and you will come to another trail junction, with one ending leading quickly into the lake and the other leading up a hill and into the woods. Take the trail into the woods for about 15 steps. Notice that you are very near a campsite and take appropriate measures for stealth. As you look to your right, you will see a Willow Oak tree standing in a somewhat solitary way, if trees in forests can be solitary. The tree is approximately 25 steps off the trail and the box is behind the tree.

Please remember to rehide this box well, as the princess would hopefully be most pleased for it to last a long, long time.

Please email me regarding this box at barefootlucy@gmail.com

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