Savannah Movie Series #6: Glory  LbNA # 38491 (ARCHIVED)

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Savannah Movie Series #6: Glory

In 1989, filmmakers descended on the Savannah area to film Glory. If you watch the film closely you can see some of Savannah's famous landmarks in the film.

The Mercer House, doubled as the residence of Colonel Robert G. Shaw's parent's home in Boston. It is here, where he is offered command of the 54th by the governor of Massachusetts.

The recruiting and mustering of enlisted men of the 54th was filmed near the intersection of Whitaker and West Jones Streets, near a local favorite Mrs. Wilkes Boarding house.

The training of the regiment scenes were were filmed at the Roundhouse Railroad Museum in Savannah. The museum doubled as Camp Readville, near Boston. Many of Massachusetts fighting units were trained here before going off to war.

Historic River Street served as a street in Boston, as the crowd sends off the 54th Massachusetts to join Union forces in South Carolina.

The 54th's arrival in Beaufort, South Carolina was filmed at the Meek's Home in Richmond Hill, Georgia.

The skirmish on James Island, a Confederate held island, outside of Charleston was filmed at Savannah's Rose Dhu Island.

Battery Wagner, the climatic battle scene were the 54th proved themselves in combat was recreated on Jekyll Island, just south of Savannah.

With so many Savannah sites shown in the movie you'd think I'd have a lot of places to choose...however, I'm stubborn and want you to visit some of Savannah's hidden treasures. Sooo, watch as I attempt to tie another historical site to this box...

St. Bartholmew's Episcopal Church is the oldeast active African-American Episcopal congregation in GA. The congregation grew out of efforts by the Episcopal church to evangelize slaves. The Ogeechee Mission serviced the Chatham County plantations. The success this mission found in teaching slaves to read and write led to the development of a community called the Burrough's following the Civil War (see, I told you there was a slight connection). With the help of a gift of $400 from St. Bartholmew's Church in NYC, the former slaves were able to build a church and school. The buildings are intact and continue to be used for worship. The bilders had little formal training and little money but built a beautiful Victorian-Eclectic style structure. This is one of my favorite hidden treasures in Savannah!

St. Bartholmew's is nestled behind the Georgetown area on Chevis Road. (a few yards from the intersection of Chevis & Wild Heron) Look for the LB at the base of the back left corner of the chapel. The box is small and hidden well.

This is box #6 in the Savannah movie series. Collect 9 clues to locate the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil letterbox.