Savannah Movie Series #8: Cape Fear  LbNA # 38493 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 16 2008
LocationSavannah, GA
Planted Byonelink    
Found By Weeping Willow
Last Found May 18 2008
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Savannah Movie Series #8: Cape Fear

Released on parole after eight years in stir for rape and assault, Max Cady (Robert Mitchum) is hell-bent on vengeance. He heads straight for Sam Bowden (Gregory Peck), the ex-prosecutor responsible for Cady's stint in the slammer. When Bowden learns that Cady's payback plan includes the lawyer's wife and daughter, he's forced to go to extraordinary lengths to protect his family as Cady carries out a methodical crusade of terror. The outdoor scenes were filmed in Savannah in 1961. Robert Mitchum, who plays the villain Max Cady, had a real-life aversion to Savannah, Georgia, where the film is set. As a teenager he was charged with vagrancy in Savannah and put on a chain-gang before escaping.

The Cape Fear letterbox is hidden at a mysterious lake hidden on Savannah's southside. You will find Lake Mohawk on Mohawk street (go figure!?) which is off Middleground Rd. [This box hunt would make a good combo with Three Faces of Eve & Logan's Birthday box as they are nearby.]

Once you find Lake Mohawk pull your vehicle or bike through the chainlink gate and park on dry land. You will find the box at the base of the tree covered in spanish moss. Rehide well and enjoy the scenery. I often see people fishing at the lake...perhaps you might enjoy this too? I'll stick with photography and avoid the bait!

Cape Fear is box #8 of 10 in the Savannah Movie Box series. Record the clue written inside the box. The first 9 boxes contain the location of the 10th box...Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil. Happy Hunting!