Logan's 1st Birthday!  LbNA # 38494 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 16 2008
LocationSavannah, GA
Planted Byonelink    
Found By girlguides
Last Found Aug 30 2009
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Logan's 1st Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday to Logan! [10/5/07]

We celebrated Logan's 1st along with his daddy's return home from Iraq (only for 2 weeks) with friends and family. This letterbox was carved to help us remember a great day!

This box is hidden at Lott's Island on Hunter Army Airfield. If you do not have a military id or tag on your car you must enter Hunter through the main gate at Stephenson Ave. You can simply tell the guards you are going to Lott's Island. They will look at your id and sometimes ask to see your registration. It's no sweat. From the gate take the 1st left onto perimeter road. Follow perimeter road around Hunter (past the airfield & golf course) until you think you are lost. Turn left at the sign reading Lott Island. When you get to the Rio Rd booth veer right to Lott's. (If you have a sticker or id skip the above directions by entering at Rio Road)

Once on Lott's spend time at the park and playground. You will find Logan's box hidden 26 paces towards the marsh from the second concrete picnic table (on your left) from the entrance road. Count your paces and you should find yourself smack dab infront of a tall pine. Logan's box is nestled on teh ground behind the tree underneath pine needles. Please rehide carefully!

There are gifts for the first 3 finders! Happy Hunting!