Teasin Mr Alligator...(4)  LbNA # 38498

Placed DateMar 23 2008
LocationHardeeville, SC
Found Byrachmnjays (Attempted)
Last UpdateAug 4 2012


Teasin Mr Alligator...(4)

After finding box 3 in the series head back to your car to continue on the wildlife trail. Don't drive too fast and keep your eyes peeled for gators! I have seen up to 15 in one trip!

Drive 1 mi to the plantation cistern. Park you car. Walk past the cistern and follow the path around the marshes (only a few yards) Pass the knobby trunk and the uprooted tree. When you turn the corner and can see the cistern again you will know you are close! Find the tree only 3 paces off the trail with a holly base. Box #4 is tucked into the hollow on the side away from the trail.

Beware gators & poison ivy! Return to your car.