Scottish Fairy Series  LbNA # 38516 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Doctors B    
Placed DateMay 3 2008
LocationDecorah, IA
Found By Puma Paw
Last Found Jul 27 2010
Hike Distance?

These Scottish Fairies can be found at the Palisades Park in Decorah, IA.

As you enter the park, you will find a steep, uphill drive (please be cautious—the 1-lane road has 2 way traffic for part of the drive.) Drive up, up, up, until you get to a parking/picnic area at the top.
-At this parking area, instead of driving round the loop, take the car path that veers off to
the right to a small dirt/gravel parking area that features several large rocks that block vehicles from entering the walking path. Trail point #47 will be at your back.
-Follow the path in front of the parking area, indicated by a brown trailhead marker and
three wooden posts.

Box #1:
-Take the trail indicated by the brown trailhead, keeping an eye out for a large 3-trunked tree on the left side of the path. The tree next to this 3-trunker will be “pointing” to the 3-trunked tree with its “broken arm.”
-From the space between the 3-trunked tree and the tree with the “broken arm”, take a reading of 110 degrees to a rotting double-trunked tree with a log wedged in the crotch, up against a wire fence. (Your view of the goal tree may be slightly obscured by another double-trunked tree).
-The box is in the hollow base of the tree, covered with sticks and debris. Please re-hide well.

Box #2:
-Continue down the trail, going under a tree that bends is trunk over the path.
-Just after this tree, take the side path to the left, downhill.
-Pass the small tree in the path that acts as sentinel.
-Cross over 3 logs on the path, until you come to a striking “naked” white tree, reaching
above all other trees.
-Box is under the pile of bark at the base of tree. It is our goal that you shouldn’t have to
dig too much, but please cover well.

Box #3:
-Go back up to the main path and back past your car.
-Now begin at the end of the trail that is marked with the #47. Head downhill.
-When the main trail bends sharply to the right, don’t follow it. Instead continue straight and take the “path less traveled”, joining up with another trail.
-Follow this new trail past a large log that lies parallel to the trail on the right, a 2 ˝ foot stump that stands on the left of the trail, and then a large 3-trunked tree on the right.
-Continue to follow this trail for quite some time, as it winds along the river, finally coming to a clearing that meets up with a paved road.
-Standing in the clearing and facing the road, look and find an old, dying grandfather tree that has many holes and knobs.
-Just to the left of the large, dying tree, is a small, “naked” log that runs parallel to the road.
-Very carefully cross the road and look behind and inside the left-hand (downhill) end of the log.
-Be cautious and stay out of the road as you retrieve this box.
-Head back the way you came, veering to the left rather than right to find your way back to your car.

Please note: these boxes may not necessarily be in the order indicated on Atlasquest. They may be "mixed up" between the three hiding places.